About Us


We’re the metro’s largest indoor shopping experience for high-quality new, vintage, repurposed and recycled items. We strive to offer our customers a cohesive shopping experience with an ever-changing selection of vintage and new furniture, decor, accessories, paint, DIY supplies and more throughout the entire year. In 2019, we also opened our sister store, The Market on Maple, a monthly pop up market featuring new, handmade, and vintage furniture and home accessories. It is carefully curated and each piece is specially chosen to match that months theme.

Our team offers products and services year round that no one else does!  Our services include:

  • Custom Furniture Painting – We will walk you through the whole process!

  • Custom Signs – Choose one of our one-of-a-kind designs or ask us about creating a personalized one of your own.

  • Interior Decorating Guidance – Yes, we can help your home feel pinterest worthy! Visit us in the shop for styling guidance and secrets!

  • Custom Piece Locating – We can help you find the perfect piece you are looking for!

  • Delivery – We offer curbside delivery 7 days per week.

Our Story


The summer of 2012 was full of surprises! Ryan changed jobs and Laci lost hers. To make ends meet, Laci started picking up yard sale furniture and flipping it for a small profit. In 2013, while selling these pieces on FB, someone took notice and asked if she would be interested in opening a small shop. 2 weeks later, The Vintage Chandelier was born!

TVC encountered lots of ups and downs and in 2016, Laci made the decision that if she didn’t grow, she would never survive in that little bitty shop! Since she knew she had something to offer to others, she decided to change the name and give other makers a space to create and call their own. She decided on a name and found the perfect location just down the street from her original shop! Found Vintage Market opened its doors in July 2016 and has been growing ever since! Our current store is a mix of new and vintage set in a 6,000 sq ft sales floor, a 2,000 sq ft workshop and 4,000 sq ft of backstock. What a big difference from the original 1200 sq ft shop!

January 2019 brought us a new experience as we opened our pop up location, The Market On Maple. This shop is an ever changing monthly event and we love doing it so much!