The Market On Maple

6001 Maple Street Omaha, NE 68104

The MoM (as we like to call it) is a monthly pop-up market that is basically our little happy place! Each month we open with a new theme over Benson First Friday Weekend. This means that each time we open the doors, it is an entirely new experience! From farmhouse to botanical and everything in between, there is always something to see!

February Market

February was our opening market and we learned so much! We chose Light and Bright for our theme and we just went with it! We tried new things, brought in accessories we’ve never carried before, and staged in a completely different way. To say we grew who we were is a total understatement! This market taught us to go with our instincts and take some freaking chances!


Lush and Green

February was so depressing! We saw so much cold and more snow days than we could count! We needed a little glimpse of spring up in here! Our March Market was filled with green, flowers, and gorgeous spring colors. We had more snow for opening weekend but still saw a great turnout!


Coming in April!

So now that we have a few markets under our belt, we think we are starting to figure out who we are in this Market thing… With what we have learned so far, April is sure to be a stunner! Click the link below to check our our April Market details and make sure to add us to your calendar!